We are the St Andrew’s Society of the Netherlands.  We are based in and around The Hague and our members come from across the world to enjoy Scottish dancing and culture.  Please join us for our weekly dancing class at the Reel Club, or for one of our 5 annual events.

The St. Andrew’s Society of The Netherlands was formed in 1985. Its aims are to promote Scottish culture and, by doing so, raise funds for charities in Scotland and The Netherlands.  Charities we have supported recently  include Clini Clowns, KiKa, Myloma UK, Stichting Pink Ribbon and Stichting Hester.  In 2015 our charity was St Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh, and in 2016 Stichting Kinderarmoede.  In 2017 we supported “Stichting IDGNH” provide mobile water treatment to aid victims of natural disasters, and in 2018 we supported Stichting Ambulance Wens who are medically trained volunteers that fulfil the last wishes of terminally ill patients.

The principal occasion, St. Andrew’s Day (30th November) is celebrated in traditional formal style with our Charity Ball where we raise funds for charities in Scotland and The Netherlands.  Other more informal events, such as Ceilidhs and a Burns’ Night dance, are held from time to time.

Many of our members come to our weekly Reel Club where we get together to learn Scottish country dancing.  The Club is held on Fridays from September until May and the emphasis is on having fun.

The society is run by our committee, who are elected annually by the members.  Volunteers to help with the social functions or join the committee are always welcome.

This year our AGM (= Annual General Meeting or club members meeting) will be held on Friday 27th September 2019 in conjunction with that evening’s Reel Club.

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