UPDATE CORONAVIRUS 15 MARCH and 13 MAY 2020: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation our Summer Ceilidh will NOT be held on Saturday 27th June 2020

Photo of participants at the 2019 Summer Ceilidh
End of Ceilidh Photo – Saturday 22 June 2019

As usual our Summer Ceilidh will be an informal evening of fun Scottish dancing and no experience is necessary.  Each dance is fully explained by our caller before we start dancing.  And anyway – making mistakes is half the fun!

A partner is not needed and we normally switch partners during the evening so you can dance with more or less experienced dancers and meet some new people.  from 7pm to 11pm.  Do come and join us for a fun evening!!

The Summer Ceilidh will be held at the British School Diamanthorst, and whose entrance is now at Saffierhorst 117, 2592 GK Den Haag – this is the same location as our weekly Reel Club . The new gate (which is directly opposite Parelmoerhorst) indicates that it is the entrance for “PARENTS & VISITORS”. If not open, please use the buzzer to alert the concierge.