Our regular Friday evening Reel Club (weekly club night dancing classes) meets most weeks in the spring and the autumn. As ever, new faces are welcome, and we will be going again in September 2022, beginning Friday 9th September 2022 – keep in touch. Please contact us via the contact form if you wish to attend one of our Reel Clubs on Friday evenings, or to enquire about an event (Ball or Ceilidh). After 10 years we moved from our old home at the British School on Diamanthorst and from September 2021 have been meeting the past year in the Atrium of the Church of Our Saviour on Helenastraat 8.

Reel Club – St Andrew’s Society of the Netherlands (opens in a new tab)

The last dance we held before the Corona pandemic was our Burns’ Night Ceilidh dance on Friday 24th January 2020 in Leidschenveen – a popular dance with a great turnout. We re-opened on Friday 10th September with a small Opening Night Ceilidh for members and their friends. Unfortunately we had to cancel November’s Charity Ball, and also the Burns’ Night Ceilidh due to have been on Friday 21st January 2022. However we held a Reel Club that evening, and continued to do so until Fri 18 March 2022. We held our PotLuck Ceilidh on Friday 25th March, followed by a couple of additional Reel Clubs before our Summer Ceilidh which was held on Saturday 11th June 2022 .

Regardless of any current high/low level of Corona transmission it is in all our interests for members and guests to self-test shortly before attending Reel Club or an event (Ceilidh or Ball).

Probable DIARY DATES for the next 12 months

Fri 9th September 2021 – first Reel Club of the autumn season

Fri 18 November 2021 – last Reel Club of the autumn dancing season

Sat 26 November 2022 – our StA Charity Ball

Fri 13 January 2023 – first Reel Club of the spring dancing season

Fri 27 January 2023 – our Burns’ Night Ceilidh dance

Fri 17 March 2023 – our final Reel Club of the spring dancing season

Fri 24 March 2023 – proposed date for our 2023 PotLuck Ceilidh

Sat 10 June 2023 – proposed date for our 2023 Summer Ceilidh